An own 'Dance-organogram'

Every dancer needs an own 'Dance-organogram'


You would ask what does an organogram have to do with me as a dancer?


For me it’s about putting you as a dancer at the bottom and above you, you need to put your instructors who’s giving you an occasion for being a better dancer. Your personal mentors. Instructors where you follow weekly lessons, but also dedicated dancers, musicians who also giving lessons on events etc…


Maybe it will be only dance teachers, but maybe also musicians, musician teachers,… But maybe you follow also other lessons what can help you to become a better dancer. It can included also instructors of another form like Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts or something completely different, like being an musician for yourself. Or maybe just, family, a person who believes in you, etc…


And maybe if you are a teacher it can also be the same persons or even a few more things or persons that make you to become a better teacher..


I challenge you to make your own!


I will challenge you to, to go deeper and find all the elements that can help you as a dancer/teacher and bring it also in an own dance-organogram. Choose wisely because it can be also things that doesn’t help you or didn’t help you in the past… I’m shore there are some. You also have to watch out for becoming ones. I made also some wrong choices in the past that didn’t help me.


I’m very glad of mine organogram at the moment. I learned also from many more persons, instructors & teachers but the ones on my organogram are my wisely chosen ones. And don’t get me wrong, you can learn some very good things from everyone. But you can’t efford to much at the same time or you must be very rich and have a lot of time. But then it’s still all about less is more I guess..


And this helps me for also choosing wisely in the future for participating lessons. You also need to follow your heart and learn to feel what’s good for you at that moment. It’s about finding your own program and trying to stick on that program as well.


On my 'Dance-organogram' are persons who are very dedicated persons which are top teachers, top persons with top personality’s. Very generous persons who haze one mission and that’s giving their own knowledge and experiences to other dedicated persons. Also persons who brings all of that kind of persons together in there organized events. Persons that believes in you, etc…


And if you are a teacher I’m sure that you want to put your students also on your organogram because they give you also the occasion of being and becoming a better teacher and even also a better dancer. Because when you teach you have the occasion to learn twice as much.


So here it is, my 'Dance-organogram', what’s yours?


This weekend I’m honored to learn from Guy Schalom!


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